Porta Portals

Porta Portals are a great way to easily share links with teachers and students. To make it even easier, save the Porta Portal as a shortcut on your computer. Students will be able to access the portal with a double click.
1. Navigate to your Porta Portal
2. Save the web address as a Favorite
3. Open the Favorites pane
4. Right click on the Porta Portal listing
5. Select Send To > Desktop (create shortcut)

Share your Porta Portal here!

Antietam Teachers
Links for teacher use, including VDOE resources, clip art, sounds, and professional learning communities.

Antietam Students
Links for student use, resources are broken down by grade level and subject. Also includes resources for SOL review and podcasting.

Current and Emerging Technology
Links to up and coming technology tools for the classroom, including sites like VoiceThread and Glogster.
Buckland Mills Kindergarten and First Grade Students

Buckland Mills Second Grade Students

Buckland Mills Third Grade Students

Buckland Mills Fourth Grade Students

Buckland Mills Fifth Grade Students